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jenarael's Journal

The (Extra)ordinary Anthropologist
18 March
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Made with pride by Chinese political prisoners; parts assembled in Taiwan.

Darwin once said "The very essence of instinct is that it is followed independently of reason." What historians don't tell you is that he also added "This explains the behaviour of every woman I have ever known."

I'm a forensic anthropologist. I just moved to Pittsburgh after living in Gainesville, Florida for (most of) the past seven years. I used to work for the government doing forensic trauma analysis, but decided that getting a Ph.D. was marginally easier than working with dead people.

I ended up being (dead) wrong.

There are a few primatology publications out with my name on them, but to which I'm not going to confess writing. Monkey sex just doesn't score you cool points.

I'm five feet tall. I'm deadly with a firearm and an electric mixer. I make my own chocolate. It's a lot of work being this cool, but someone's gotta do it.